Internet Access in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

CyberPine Cooperative, Inc. is a wireless internet service provider located in the Mountains and Lakes Region of Central New Hampshire. We are a locally known, grown and owned corporation staffed by volunteers with a co-op form of governance.

It is our mission to provide high speed reliable wireless internet access to the residents and businesses of Sandwich and surrounding towns at a reasonable cost. The topography of the area is perhaps one of the most challenging hurdles we face. The terrain is hilly and trees are almost everywhere, making it difficult and all too often impossible to provide line of sight connections. With the addition of 900Mhz access points on Red Hill and at the Baptist Church, we will be able to provide service to those people who were previously unable to connect.

We have managed to construct, with the help of many volunteers, landowners and forward thinking citizens, an affordable and workable network that is an essential element in today's economy. It is our hope to make broadband internet access available on a town wide scale, and with your continued support we will be instrumental in achieving that goal.

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