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Cyberpine Wireless Networks FAQs

1. What connection speeds can I expect to get on CyberPine?

2. How much does it cost?

3. Can I use my phone and be online at the same time?

4. How do I contact CyberPine with billing or support questions?

5. As a customer, do I have any say in how CyberPine is run?

6. I'm unable to connect-What should I do first?

7. Now my computer is always online-Won't it get attacked by viruses and spyware more often? How can I protect it?

8. How do I set up my email program?

9. Can I access my CyberPine email account via the web? 

What connection speeds can I expect on CyberPine?
The speed of your connection depends on 2 variables:
1. The signal strength from your radio modem to the access point you are linked to. This is affected by the distance to the access point and how close to clear air the signal path is. Generally, shorter distances and totally unobstructed signal paths translate into higher connection speeds. Weather is usually not a factor, except in hot, humid and calm conditions if the signal path is skimming the tree tops. Then tree respiration will cause disturbances in the signal.
2. How busy the network is. Network congestion can slow your connection down. Most users have connection speeds in the 1.5-2.5mbps range. Back to Top

How much does it cost?
The current prices for wireless service are:
Residential and small business- 45.00/mo
Municipal and Non-Profits- 30.00/mo.
2 Mail accounts @cyberpine.net are included with each subscription.
Installation cost varies with each site and is billed at cost of materials plus labor.
A typical installation will cost between 250.00 and 350.00. Back to Top

Can I use my phone and be online at the same time?
Yes. The wireless connection to the internet is entirely independent of any phone line.
If you previously had a separate phone line for dialup access, you can discontinue it.
It is not necessary to continue your dialup ISP account, although many people do for a period of time to make the transition to a new email address less painful. You can continue to receive email from your old dialup account and use CyberPine's wireless access. Back to Top

How do I contact Cyberpine with billing or support questions?
Email is the preferred method.
Billing questions
Support questions
Of course, we don't want you to get caught in a Catch-22 situation where you are unable to get online and trying to send an email asking why you can't get online, so in an emergency you can call 284-6271 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM or 986-9769 after 5:30 PM.
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As a customer, do I have any say in how CyberPine is run?
Yes. CyberPine is a corporation with a co-op form of governance. Every subscriber is a voting member of the co-op and may exercise those rights at a CyberPine annual meeting. We welcome suggestions and offers of volunteer work anytime.
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I'm unable to connect- What should I do first?
In many cases, if there isn't a network problem, power cycling your equipment will get you back online. This should be done in a specific sequence:
1. Shut down your computer.
2. Unplug the power to your router (if you have one).
3. Unplug the power to the radio.
4. Plug the power to the radio back in. WAIT 1 MINUTE
5. Plug in the power to the router (if you have one)
6. Boot your computer.
DO NOT unplug ANY network cables from your computer or router-power ONLY.
The method to this madness is to force your router and computer to obtain a fresh IP address. Addresses are assigned by the main routers at the Wentworth Library, Diamond Ledge and Red Hill. That is the working address that your router or computer receives. If you have a router it will be the WAN IP address and can be checked by logging into your router and checking its status. That address will be assigned to your computer's network adapter if you don't have a router and can be checked by typing ipconfig /all at a command prompt (Start>Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt for Win 2000/Win XP) or type “CMD” in the search box in Win7 or 8. Back to Top

Now my computer is always online-Won't it get attacked by viruses and spyware more often? How can I protect it?
It's true that your computer is a more attractive target with a broadband connection that is always on compared to a computer with a dialup connection. But the same best practices apply to both.
1. Viruses are mainly spread through email attachments. Don't open any attachments from people you don't know. There are a number of virus email scanners. If you don't have one-get one- and keep the virus definitions up to date. Google "anti virus programs"
A good free anti virus program is Grisoft's AVG free.
2. Keep your operating system up to date and Internet Explorer patched. Run Windows Update regularly or automatically. Firefox is a good alternative to Internet Explorer. IE is an inviting target because of its widespread use.
3. Spyware and malware is a bigger threat these days than viruses. Use a spyware cleaner and keep it updated. Malwarebytes is one of the most popular. Used in conjunction with Spybot Search and Destroy you won't have malicious programs redirecting your browser and slowing down your machine. Back to Top

How do I set up my email program?
If you have a Cyberpine email account, set up a new mail account using your user name, password, “reply to” email address and server information. The incoming mail server is: mail.cyberpine.net. The outgoing mail server is: mail.cyberpine.net. You must authenticate outgoing mail with your user name and password.
If you are using an existing email account with another ISP, the only setting you will need to change on that account is the outgoing server, which will become mail.cyberpine.net.
It is a good idea if you are using Windows and Internet Explorer as your default browser to set it to "never dial a connection" on the connection tab under Tools>Internet Options. Back to Top

Can I access my CyberPine email account via the web?
Yes, you can access your email account on the server which is operated by Firstlight.
The address is http://webmail.cyberpine.net.
Login with your username and password. Back to Top

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